REG 04.00.04 – University Standard Business Hours

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor. Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the Chancellor may only be made by the Chancellor.

History: First Issued: August 13, 2001.

Contact Info: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (919-515-2155)

1. Policy Statement

NC State University recognizes the need to be service oriented in providing academic, research and administrative services to a diverse group of customers. Therefore, it sets the standard business hours for administrative offices as Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including the noon hour for main administrative offices. Main administrative offices include but are not limited to dean’s offices, primary academic department offices, and administrative offices. A decision to maintain a different permanent schedule should be based on the customers’ needs for access and must be approved by the appropriate dean or vice chancellor. Business hours must be posted on departmental web sites and communicated through other appropriate means. Offices must remain open and staffed during standard business hours. Exceptions must be posted in a prominent location outside of the office and on the departmental web site.