REG 05.05.02 – Temporary Employment

Authority: Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002. Last Revised: May 16, 2023.

Additional References:
Temporary Employment Policy (OSHR)
University Temporary Services

Contact Info: Director, Talent Acquisition, Employment, and the HR Service Center (919-515-4276); University Temporary Services (919-515-0872).

1. Purpose

1.1 A temporary appointment may be made for a limited term, normally not to exceed three to six months. A longer appointment may be requested but a temporary appointment will not, under any circumstances, exceed 11 consecutive months.

2. Procedures

2.1. The department may independently secure temporary employees or request a temporary employee through University Temporary Services (UTS) to assist with workload created by vacant positions, vacations, surges in workload, etc.

Temporary employees must be paid on the bi-weekly payroll through the NCSU payroll system. A temporary employee may not be employed for more than 11 consecutive months. Exceptions to the policy include:

2.1.1. Retirees and social security recipients who sign a statement indicating that they are not available for or interested in permanent employment.

2.1.2. Full-time students including undergraduate students taking at least twelve (12) credit hours or graduate students taking at least nine (9) credit hours.

2.1.3 Interns, which are students or recent graduates who, regardless of the number of credit hours enrolled, work to gain occupational experience for a short period of time, not to exceed three months.

2.1.4 Externs, which are students who, regardless of the number of credit hours enrolled, are employed as part of a written agreement between the state and an academic institution by which the student is paid and earns course credit.

2.1.5 Inmates that are on work release programs.

2.1.6 Employees who regularly work less than 20 hours a week.

2.2 External Temporary Staffing Vendors

When using a third-party staffing service, the following requirements are the responsibility of the hiring department:

  • Work with Purchasing (or designee) to ensure
    • They abide by established procurement rules and protocols prior to hiring any temporary employees.
    • Ensure adherence with all laws, rules, policies, and guidelines related to temporary employment, including but not limited to this regulation, 25 NCAC 01C .0405, the mandatory separation requirement, and the Affordable Care Act.
    • Maintain a list of all temporary employees hired through third-party staffing agencies, including the employee’s name, job title, classification, hourly rate of pay, hours worked per week, and assignment start and end dates.
    • Timekeeping and all payroll actions.
    • All other HR actions necessary to process the temporary employee.