REG 05.45.01 – Direct Deposit of Pay

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: October 1, 1991. Last Revised: August 22, 2013. 

Additional References: 
Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit Bank Account Information Change Form
Office of State Controller’s Information on Federal IAT Rules

Contact: Director of Payroll (919-515-4350)


As a condition of new or continued employment, all individuals paid through NC State University’s payroll system must participate in the University’s Direct Deposit program, unless falling within an exception set forth in section 2 of this regulation.


2.1. Because U.S. banking institutions generally require a valid Social Security number for mandatory federal reporting purposes, foreign nationals who experience a waiting period before being issued a Social Security number (SSN) may encounter difficulty in opening a U.S. bank account. Such individuals will be paid temporarily by paper paychecks but are required to enroll in Direct Deposit as soon as their SSNs are issued.

2.2. Work -Study students will be paid by paper check, which may be picked up at Payroll on the pay date, unless they actively authorize direct deposit of their pay through Employee Self Service or by completing a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.

2.3. A one-time payment to an individual, such as an honorarium to a visiting foreign national, may be exempted if the Director of Payroll deems direct deposit enrollment impracticable.

2.4. Other exceptions will be considered only for compelling reasons by the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Business, upon recommendation of the Director of Payroll.


In accordance with federal regulation, if you forward the entire amount of your NC State payroll direct deposit from your U.S. bank to a bank in another country, you must advise University Payroll, and Payroll notifies the U.S. Treasury Department.


4.1. Individuals (except Work-Study students as noted above) must enroll for Direct Deposit at the time of hire, typically on the first day of employment.

4.2. Individuals may designate up to 3 total accounts (which may be at one or more financial institutions) for Direct Deposit.

4.3. The bank account designated to receive the ‘Balance’ of the individual’s paychecks  for direct deposit of pay also serves as the individual’s default account for reimbursement of NCFlex – flexible medical and dependent care spending account(s) (FSA) claims, if enrolled, as well as university business-related expenses, such as travel expense reimbursements. Individuals who wish to have their business-related reimbursements directed to an account other than the ‘Balance’-designated account to which their pay is deposited should complete an Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit Bank Account Information/Change Form through the Accounting Office.


Questions concerning the Direct Deposit program should be directed to the Payroll Department at 919-515-4350 for payroll-related matters, or to Accounting at 919-515-2139 for business-expense reimbursement matters.