REG 05.50.06 – Review of Vice Chancellors

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor. Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the Chancellor may only be made by the Chancellor.

History: First Issued: September 18, 2007.

Contact Info: Assistant to the Chancellor and Secretary of the University (919-515-2191)

1. Introduction

1.1. The Chancellor is responsible for reviewing the administrative performance of the Vice Chancellors.

1.2. Comprehensive reviews are conducted pursuant to this regulation to assess unit leadership and programs. They normally are held at intervals of not more than five years from the date of the initial appointment or the date of the last review. Reviews may be waived or delayed by the Chancellor for sufficient cause. Normally reviews will not be done for incumbents retiring or returning to a faculty position.

2. Notification to the Vice Chancellor and Systematic Solicitation of Faculty, Administrator, Staff and Student Views

2.1. The Chancellor will initiate review by notifying the Vice Chancellor and announcing the review to other Executive Officers and University Council members.

The Chancellor will develop a survey mechanism that protects anonymity to solicit input from Board of Trustees, University Council members, relevant peers, direct reports and clientele groups who will participate in the survey.

3. Use of Additional Information

The Chancellor may use any other relevant information in reviewing and evaluating the positions and programs covered by this regulation.

4. Evaluations and Report by Chancellor

The Chancellor after consultation with the relevant administrators, shall evaluate the performance of the Vice Chancellor taking into consideration the information obtained from the surveys conducted, and any other relevant information possessed by the Chancellor. The Chancellor will share the results with the Vice Chancellor under review as a part of the annual performance review process.

5. These procedures do not preclude an administrator, faculty member or staff member from individually expressing views with regard to unit leadership and programs to the Chancellor at any mutually agreeable time.

6. Documents generated through this process are confidential personnel records and shall be treated as such as required by North Carolina law.