REG 05.50.07 – Review of Associate Deans

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: March 27, 2012.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG05.20.03 – Annual Reviews of Faculty Members

Contact Info: Senior Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (919-513-7741)


1.1  College Deans are responsible for annually reviewing the administrative performance of Associate Deans.  They are also responsible for comprehensive reviews every five (5) years.

1.2  Associate Deans who have non-administrative faculty responsibilities as part of their FTE are also subject to annual reviews pursuant to NCSU REG05.20.03 – Annual Reviews of Faculty Members.

1.3  Comprehensive reviews are conducted pursuant to this regulation and include an assessment of the administrative areas of responsibility of the Associate Dean.  They are held at intervals of not more than five (5) years from the date of the initial appointment as Associate Dean or the date of the last review. Reviews may be waived or delayed at the discretion of the Dean for sufficient cause. Normally, reviews will not be conducted for incumbents who have informed the Dean in writing that they plan to retire, resign, or return to a faculty positions within one year of the scheduled review.


2.1  Notification

2.1.1  The Dean initiates the review by notifying the Associate Dean and announcing the review to the college faculty, staff and students, and, as appropriate, external constituents.

2.2  The procedure for Associate Dean reviews is to be determined by the Dean, but must include at least the following:

2.2.1  Opportunity for appropriate full-time faculty (tenure-track, tenured, non-tenure track) in the college to have input.

2.2.2  Opportunity for other college Associate Deans and academic Department Heads in the college to have input.

2.2.3  Opportunity for appropriate full-time college staff to have input.

2.2.4  Opportunity for the Associate Dean under review to report accomplishments to the college.  This may be through a presentation, web site, or other means as deemed appropriate by the Dean.

2.3  Dean’s Evaluation

2.3.1  The Dean shall review the information obtained and discuss the results of the comprehensive review with the Associate Dean prior to preparing the final written report of the comprehensive review.

2.3.2  After the Dean has discussed the results with the Associate Dean and informed the Provost, the Dean shall report to the college faculty, staff, students and external clientele as appropriate that the comprehensive review has concluded and indicate that the Associate Dean will either continue or not continue as Associate Dean.  This report should occur prior to the end of the semester in which the review has taken place.


3.1  The confidentiality of documents generated through this process shall be respected at all times.