REG 05.55.02 – Hiring Procedures for Faculty and EHRA Personnel

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor.

History: First Issued: 1975. Last Revised: August 10, 2010.

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Additional References:
NCGS 126-82 – Veteran’s Preference

Hiring Procedures Manual for EHRA Faculty and Non-Faculty Personnel
Online Employment System
Hiring Official User Guide

Contact Info: 
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity (919-515-3148)
Director of Employment Services (919-515-4277)


All EHRA employee positions at NC State University are subject to the procedures outlined in this regulation.  Postdoctoral appointments are covered under NCSU REG10.10.08 – Postdoctoral Scholars, rather than this regulation.


This regulation outlines the procedures to be followed when hiring faculty and EHRA non-faculty employees at the University to ensure our obligations under equal employment opportunity and affirmative action are fulfilled and to support consistency of administration across the institution. A full search must be conducted when filling full-time faculty positions, EHRA positions of instruction, research, extension and “senior academic and administrative officer” (SAAO) positions.  A “full” search includes widespread publicity of the available position, efforts to encourage qualified women and minorities to apply, review of applications, and interviews.


These are the steps required by equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations when conducting a search for a vacant position.  Appropriate recruitment activities must be undertaken to fill such vacant positions at NC State when the appointment will be more than 3 days in length.  While there is flexibility on how each department conducts its individual searches, the documentation requirements are the same for all.

3.1 Vacancy Notice

3.1.1 To post a position whether full-time or part-time, a department must submit a Vacancy Notice through the HR online employment system.  EHRA vacancies are posted by Human Resources on the University’s website.

3.1.2 All tenured/tenure track faculty vacancies and all SAAO-Tier I vacancies must be advertised in a national publication with broad circulation.  Electronic, web and listserv media are acceptable.  Tenured/tenure track faculty and SAAO-Tier I vacancies must accept applications for at least twenty (20) business days.

3.1.3 All other EHRA positions, including SAAO-Tier II positions, non-tenure track faculty and other non-faculty professional positions, must be posted for at least ten (10) business days.  In addition, media sources deemed appropriate for the level and specialization of the position should be used to ensure a qualified, diverse applicant pool.

3.1.4 Vacancies posted for current/internal employees only, or those advertised only in North Carolina advertising sources, must be open and accept applications for at least ten (10) business days.

3.1.5 HR must review and endorse all proposed advertisements for compliance with university policies and state and federal law and regulations prior to the advertisement being distributed through any venue.

3.2 Interim EHRA Recruitment Report

3.2.1 Applicant Statuses.  Hiring departments must update each applicant status in the online employment system to identify “first tier” and “second tier” candidates.

3.2.2 Departments must give preference in employment to “eligible veteran” applicants.  Hiring departments should contact HR-Employment for assistance in applying “veteran’s preference” as outlined in G.S. 126-82.

3.2.3 Departments must consider all applications that are received during the posting period and that meet the minimum required qualifications for the position.

3.2.4 Once a hiring official or search committee identifies candidates to interview, an Interim Recruitment Report must be completed in the online employment system and approved by the Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO).  Screening of the applicants and submission of an Interim Recruitment Report may occur during the minimum advertising period (20 business days or 10 business days as noted above in sections 3.1.2, 3.1.3 and 3.1.4).  This report lists the candidates who are not being considered further and the specific reasons for their elimination, as well as listing the candidates who will continue to be considered.  Subsequent Interim Recruitment Reports can be submitted after the initial report, if additional candidates are identified for interview after the initial interim report.

3.3 Hiring Proposal

3.3.1 Applicant Statuses.  Hiring departments must update each applicant’s status in the online employment system to identify which candidates were interviewed and to indicate a justification for each non-interviewed candidate.

3.3.2 After conducting interviews and narrowing the applicant pool to its top candidate, but before extending an offer of employment, the department must complete the Hiring Proposal via the online employment system and submit it to Human Resources.  The Hiring Proposal indicates the finalists and specifically names the person to whom the hiring department proposes to extend an offer.  The Hiring Proposal is forwarded to the OEO for approval.  Only after a department has received notification of OEO approval of the Hiring Proposal may an offer be extended to the chosen candidate.

3.3.3 Additional Hiring Proposals may be submitted if the initial candidate to whom an offer is made declines the offer.  The additional proposal is submitted via the online employment system to extend an offer to another finalist from the same search.

3.4 Exceptions to the EHRA Recruitment Process

3.4.1 CVM Interns and Residents

Individuals appointed as interns and residents (House Officers) in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) may be selected through the process utilized to place interns and residents at colleges of veterinary medicine.  The American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) Matching Program Directory ( is used to advertise most clinical training positions.  Internship and residency programs that do not participate in the Matching Program are advertised in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and other applicable sources.

3.4.2 Request for Waiver of EHRA Recruitment Procedures

To ensure that the University employs faculty, staff and administrators of the highest quality, concerted recruitment efforts to reach large and diverse audiences are strongly encouraged; however, there are limited circumstances that may warrant a Waiver of Recruitment Procedures.  The Request for Waiver of EHRA Recruitment is to be used only in exceptional circumstances. Before submitting a waiver request, the hiring official must contact the University’s Equal Opportunity Officer in OEO to discuss the hiring situation and the reason for a waiver. If OEO agrees that a waiver is appropriate, the hiring unit must complete a Vacancy Notice in the online employment system and identify it as an EHRA Waiver.  The waiver request must include a memorandum of justification. Hiring departments may proceed with hiring candidates using a waiver only after the OEO approves the request in the online employment system.