REG 05.55.04 – SHRA Recruitment and Selection

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: July 1, 2001. Last Revised: February 22, 2013.

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Contact Info: Director, HR Employment Services (919-515-2135)

1. Purpose

This regulation establishes standards for the recruitment and selection of candidates for SHRA positions (those subject to the State Human Resources Act), consistent with federal and state requirements. Exceptions to normal hiring practices may require approval by the Chancellor/designee, UNC Board of Governors, UNC System President, and/or the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR).

2. Procedures

To post and recruit for an SHRA position, a current position description must have been endorsed by HR Classification and Compensation and be on file in the University’s online applicant tracking & position management system.

2.1. Hiring Standards – Each SHRA position has minimum requirements for training and experience (knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies) that are deemed necessary for successful job performance. In most cases, formal education and directly-related experience are interchangeable to meet minimum requirements. Hiring departments, in consultation with HR Employment Services, determine any additional preferred job-related qualifications.

2.2. Vacancy Posting – Vacancies are posted via the online applicant tracking system for a minimum of five (5) business days.  Postings are accessible 24/7 online through the NCSU jobs site, the OSHR and NC Division of Employment Security employment sites, and may be linked by other online job boards and posting sites.

2.3. Affirmative Action – Vacancies that are targeted for affirmative action and require additional outreach to encourage a diverse applicant pool must be open to external candidates as well as internal University candidates.  Advertisement in publications or on websites that reach applicants from under-represented categories is recommended and can be facilitated by HR Employment Services.

2.4. Advertising – To ensure compliance with state and federal laws, HR Employment Services reviews draft advertisements and coordinates their placement in appropriate publications.

2.5. Waiver of Posting – A waiver of posting may be requested only in extenuating circumstances as noted in the OSHR Recruitment and Posting policy.  The waiver must have approval of the College/Division Affirmative Action Officer and HR Employment Services.

2.6. Work Samples – With prior review and endorsement from HR Employment Services, hiring departments may have applicants provide or produce relevant work samples during the application and interview process.

2.7. Retention of Documentation – Summaries of interviews, including reference checks and interview notes, must be maintained by the hiring department for three (3) years.

2.8. References – Hiring supervisors must check references prior to requesting HR Employment Services’ endorsement of a new hire or transfer.  Reference checks are confidential and must be maintained in the employee’s departmental personnel file.

2.9. Credentials Verification – Human Resources is responsible for verifying the highest educational level/degree possessed by the final candidate prior to the granting of permanent status.  Hiring officials are responsible for verifying additional credentials such as any required licenses or certifications.