REG 05.60.01 On-Call Pay

Authority:  Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History:  First Issued: July 1, 2001

Additional References:
Office of State Human Resources – On-Call and Emergency Callback Pay 
NCSU Human Resources: On Call Pay

Contact Info: Classification and Compensation (919-515-7175)

1. Purpose

On-call pay compensates certain employees who are required to be on-call and return to work by contact via pager or telephone in the event of an emergency.

2. Covered Employees

The organizational unit must maintain a list of eligible, designated employees.

3. Non-Covered Employees

On-call procedures are not applicable to administrative or management personnel.

4. Procedure

One hour compensatory time is awarded for eight hours on-call, or $1.50 per hour on call ($12.00 per eight hour shift) is paid. Compensatory time is used whenever possible.

If time off is not taken within 12 months of the date earned, or if the employee separates or transfers to another agency, payment is awarded.

Departments are responsible for recording and monitoring compensatory time on the Employee Time Record.

5. Implementation

On-call pay is processed via PeopleSoft.