REG 06.15.04 – Serving as Officers of Agricultural and Related Organizations

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor. Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the Chancellor may only be made by the Chancellor.

History: First Issued: March 1995.

Contact Info: College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) Personnel Director (919-515-2708)

1. Extension employees should not serve as officers of agricultural and related organizations because of possible embarrassment to employees or the organization arising from political or financial matters, time of employees required for these duties, depriving lay people of leadership opportunities, and possible misunderstanding and criticism.

2. Extension staff members should not serve as an officer, board member, or an official member of work-related citizens’ groups. Further, staff should not serve as informal secretary or treasurer of such groups as these are official functions of the organizations.

3. This regulation is not intended to infringe upon an Extension employee’s personal privilege to serve in an official role as a private citizen in a non-work related capacity. Certainly, good citizenship often involves participation in religious, civic, professional, and educational affairs.

4. Extension employees should take steps to relieve themselves as quickly as feasible of official responsibilities which are not consistent with this regulation. Lay citizens should be encouraged and assisted in assuming these roles. Extension staff may serve in ex-officio status, providing leadership as needed and requested, without exercising a dominant position in relation with these organizations. Deviation from this regulation may be granted by the Director upon petition.