REG 07.05.03 – Payments – Tuition Charge Authorization

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: November 1, 2001.

Additional References:
University Controller’s Website

Contact Info: University Controller (919-515-3824)

1. Purpose

The following procedure describes the form to be used and method to be followed by departments to pay tuition and fees for students from departmental funds.

2. Guidelines

All departmental payments of NCSU tuition and fees must be processed on a Tuition Charge Authorization, NCSU Form GA1 (sample).

3. Procedures

The department prepares Form GA1 (sample) and submits the completed form to University Student Accounts Office, Box 7213, to pay the charge on the Student Accounts Subsystem. After processing, the Student Accounts Office will forward the document to the General Accounting Office where it will be charged to the departmental accounts in the Financial Accounting System.

4. Form

Tuition Charge Authorization, NCSU Form GA1 (blank), may be copied within the department as needed. Central Stores will not be stocking this form.

5. Instructions for Completion of Form

5.1. If encumbering on the Departmental Accounting System, enter the Encumbrance number in this space; otherwise, leave blank.

5.2. Enter the student social security number.

5.3. Enter the student’s full name.

5.4. Enter the amount authorized for payment

5.5. Enter total amount of items listed.

5.6. Enter financial codes to be charged.

5.7. Enter dollar amount to be charged.

5.8. Enter total amounts to be charged. (Note: The totals on line 5 and 8 must agree)

5.9. Provide department, telephone extension, and obtain authorized signature and date signed.