REG 10.05.07 – Post Award Administrative Prior Approval Requests

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: January 1, 2002. Last Revised: April 5, 2013.

Additional References:
Office of Contracts and Grants

Contact Info: Assistant Director, Systems and Compliance (919-515-8011) Office of Contracts and Grants

1. Introduction

Actions that require prior approval are cited in the award documents for each sponsored project or in general agency guidelines. The more standard and critical deadlines and prior approval requirements for Federal and Federal flow-through awards are summarized on the “Federal Regulatory Checklists” provided by the Office of Contracts and Grants to the principal investigator and college business officer.

2. Procedure for Prior Approval Request

All post-award administrative actions requiring prior approval based on University or Sponsor regulations must be forwarded to the Office of Contracts and Grants using the electronic Prior Approval Request System. The Prior Approval Request System should be completed with all required information and routed through the appropriate approvals in support of the requested action(s). This system can be used to request multiple actions at one time but should NOT be used to request set up of a “pre-award” project. The Office of Contracts and Grants will review the requested action(s). Approval or disapproval of the action(s) will be made by the Office of Contracts and Grants or the sponsoring agency, as appropriate. If contract modification is necessary, the Office of Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services will be included in the approval/denial process.

Visit the Contracts and Grants website for access to the system and to obtain instructions for proper completion.