RUL 05.01.01 – Chief Human Resources Officer

Authority: Chief Human Resources Officer

First Issued: September 23, 2022

Contact Information: Chief Human Resources Officer (919) 513-3443

1.  Purpose

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) has responsibility for and authority over the University Human Resources (HR) function.  This responsibility and authority are necessary for the HR function to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, stewardship of resources, appropriate accountability of performance and continual service improvements for NC State faculty and staff.

2.  Scope

This Rule applies to all HR business processes and approval for all personnel transactions for HR positions.

3.  Authority of CHRO and Relationship to HR Professionals throughout the University

The CHRO has authority for all HR business processes and approval for all personnel transactions for HR positions.  The CHRO serves as the decision maker for broad HR related matters and is the primary liaison between NC State Human Resources and the University of North Carolina System Office of Human Resources.

4.  Reporting Structure for HR Functions

Where appropriate, certain HR professionals across the university will have a solid reporting line to the supervisor in the unit to which they are assigned and will have a dotted reporting line to the CHRO. These types of reporting relationships will be defined and memorialized in a Memorandum of Understanding between the head of the College or Unit where the professional has a solid reporting line and the CHRO.