RUL 05.06.01 – Designated Emergency Phones (Blue Light Phones)

Authority: Issued by the Associate Vice Chancellor, Environmental Health and Public Safety.

History: First Issued: November 13, 2008.

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Additional References: 
Facilities Division Construction Guidelines, Building Security 00712 09-26-2003

Contact Info: Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety (919-515-4238)

1. General

1.1 To ensure designated emergency phones are functional and updated according to the Electronic Security Management regulation, this rule establishes guidelines for all university colleges and departments relating to the request, installation, and maintenance of designated emergency phones.

2. Procedures:

2.1 All designated emergency phones will dial directly to the University Police Emergency Communications Center.

2.2 All designated emergency phones will have a unique phone number that can be traced to the specific location of that phone.

2.3 All free-standing emergency phones will be equipped with a strobing blue light. Wall-mounted assemblies may also have blue lights, but are not required by this rule.

2.4 The Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of all designated emergency phones will be maintained by University Police.

2.5 Checks of all designated emergency phones will be performed quarterly by Fire Protection to make sure the phone lines and any equipped blue lights are operating properly.

2.6 Communications Technologies will install and maintain all designated emergency phones and ensure system functionality.

2.7 Police response to calls for emergency service or other services made via designated emergency phones will be in accordance with University Police Standard Operating Procedures.

3. Falsely-activated or malfunctioning Designated Emergency Phones

3.1 A false activation of a designated emergency phone includes, but is not limited to: mechanical or electronic failure, malfunction due to installation, accidental activation by a person or intentional false activation by a person.

3.2 Intentional false activations will be investigated in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 14-286.2: Interfering with emergency communication.