RUL 06.01.01 – Copyright Ownership of Works Created by Employees of the North Carolina State University Extension, Engagement and Economic Development Units

Authority: Issued by Vice Chancellor for Extension, Engagement and Economic Development.

History: First Issued: January 17, 2008.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG01.25.03 – Copyright Regulation – Copyright Implementation Pursuant to Copyright Use and Ownership Policy of the University of North Carolina

Contact Info: Vice Chancellor for Extension, Engagement and Economic Development (919-513-0388), or Associate Director and Director of County Operations NCCES, Associate Director of IES (919-515-4344), or Executive Director of SBTDC (919-715-7272).

1. Introduction

The North Carolina Office of Extension, Engagement and Economic Development through its constituent units of NC Cooperative Extension Service (CES), the Industrial Extension Service (IES), the Small Business Technology Development Center (SBTDC), Economic Development Partnership (EDP), Jane S. McKimmon Center, and the General Hugh H. Shelton Leadership Initiative exist to bring research-based knowledge to the public. This is often done through delivery of information in forms subject to copyright, such as written materials (paper or electronic text), graphic images, video, audio, and other works. These organizations must have the right under copyright law to copy, distribute, perform, display, and make derivative versions of such works if they are to succeed in their mission.

2. Authority

The University’s Copyright Regulation provides that in certain circumstances faculty and EHRA employees own the copyright to works they create in the scope of employment. The Copyright Regulation also provides in part that:

“Directed works also include works created by faculty or staff in an institute, center, department, or other unit that, with approval of the Provost, has adopted rules providing that copyright in materials prepared by such faculty or staff in the course of their work with that unit vests in NC State and not in its creator. NC State holds copyright to Directed Works. The creator holds a “Shop Right” (defined in part 6.4).”

3. Copyright Ownership of Works by Extension, Engagement and Economic Development EE&ED), including Cooperative Extension Service, Industrial Extension Service and Small Business Technology Development Center, McKimmon Center, Economic development Partnership, and Shelton Leadership Employees, as well as others in the EE&ED.

Pursuant to part of the Copyright Regulation, all works created by these employees within the scope of their employment at North Carolina State University, which are subject to copyright, shall be “Directed Works.” The copyright to such works shall be held by North Carolina State University unless an authorized university official assigns the copyright to another party.