RUL 07.25.11 – Key Checkout Procedure

History: First Issued (as Reg 07.25.04): December 7, 2000.  Last Updated: July 25, 2023


General Manager, Building Services, 919-515-9901
Lock Shop Supervisor, 919-513-8103

Additional References:

Campus Operations and Maintenance Website
Less than 30 Day Key Checkout Form
Extension Request

1. Purpose

This rule establishes the process for providing campus building keys for university staff and contractor use for a set period of time.

2. Procedure

2.1 Contractor ID Badge

The NC State University project manager will inform the contractor to make a one-time purchase for a Wolf Contractor ID badge in order for them to access the key cabinet and to check out master keys for relevant building projects. For more than one service tech or company representative, the project manager should ensure that all representatives will have individual badges. Badges are non-transferable.

2.2. Projects less than 30 Days

2.2.1 The NC State University project manager must complete an online Key Authorization Checkout form with the project name, contractor information, buildings and/or roof access required, and the start and expected completion dates of the project. Once this form is approved, the keys can be issued to the contractor. Keys for short term projects will be available to authorized contractors for 30 days or less. Keys should be returned to the key cabinets in the Lock Shop before the contractors leave campus at the end of their work day.

2.2.2 If a project that was intended to take less than 30 days requires an extension, the NC State project manager can fill out an online Extension Request form. An extension of up to 30 days may be granted.

2.3 Projects lasting longer than 30 days

2.3.1 If a project is expected to extend beyond thirty days, the NC State project manager should complete a Construction Key Request form, which can be accessed by contacting the Lock Shop. The Construction Key Request form will be emailed to the Lock Shop and a key ring will be made for the contractor to pick up with a valid NC driver’s license. This key ring does not need to be returned to the lock shop daily.

2.3.2 For roof access, the project manager needs to complete an additional Roof Authorization form prior to roof keys being made available.

2.3.3 Once the project has been completed, it is the project manager’s responsibility to verify that all of the keys have been returned to the Lock Shop.

2.4 Only building keys and mechanical keys are authorized for checkout. This includes all service keys with the exception of card reader, roof, telecom and elevator keys. All roof keys require additional director authorization for access.

2.5 Keys must be returned by the same individual who checked them out. If keys are removed from campus, it is the project manager’s responsibility to initiate the key retrieval and inform the Lock Shop supervisor as to when the keys will be returned. Contractors and vendors must accept full responsibility for keys including any costs associated with a lost key.
2.6 Failure to adhere to the Key Checkout Procedures will result in the Lock Shop’s refusal to issue keys for the project.