RUL 07.25.12 – Service Billing

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: December 12, 2023.

Additional References:
Facilities Operations Website

Contact Info: Customer Service Center: 919-515-2991

1. Purpose 

This Rule clarifies the maintenance and repair services which will be provided in support of facilities and equipment funded from appropriations and research grants and utilized by university personnel.

2. Basic Support Coverage
Basic support coverage is provided to all buildings and facilities whose tenants are either entirely or partly funded from the certified state budget (appropriations) or whose tenants are funded by overhead generating grants. Self-supporting, service-for-fee organizations are billed by the Facilities Division for all maintenance and repair.
The Facilities Division will not bill maintenance or repair expenses for the following categories and services (this list is intended to be a representative list, not all inclusive):

2.1 Infrastructure and Building Envelope

2.1.1 Utility services to buildings.

2.1.2 Repairs of roofs, windows, doors, and existing exterior surfaces.

2.1.3 Routine grounds and walkway maintenance including hazard mitigation.

2.2 Systems Repairs
Mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment that is part of a building system (e.g., heating, air conditioning, electrical, elevator, etc.).

2.2.1 Repairs to electric distribution equipment including receptacles.

2.2.2 Repair and maintenance of interior and exterior lighting and switches.

2.2.3 Repairs to plumbing system including sinks, faucets, and drains.

2.2.4 Repair and maintenance of sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems.

2.3 Interior Finishes

2.3.1 Repairs and maintenance of existing interior walls, floors, and ceilings.

2.3.2 Repairs to fixed laboratory case work.

2.3.3 Building finishes in public areas.

2.3.4 Repairs to door locks and hardware.

2.3.5 Routine waste removal and janitorial services.

3. Equipment Repairs
3.1 The Facilities Division is responsible for regular maintenance, service, and repairs, including parts and supplies, to equipment related to basic utility systems, which includes heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water, sewer, and life safety serving an academic/research university building.

3.2 The Facilities Division, however, is not responsible for upgrading or enhancing the capabilities of existing equipment. The cost of such repairs is the responsibility of the departments and units occupying the building. Repairs to any moveable equipment connected to the building utility systems are the responsibility of the department or unit using the equipment.

3.3 Major equipment replacements and upgrades are typically funded from one-time funding sources including capital repairs and renovations (R&R).

4 . Services Charged to Departments and Units
Examples of maintenance and repair activities for which the Facilities Operations Division will bill include, but are not limited to:

4.1 Hook-up of special equipment or modifications to building systems requested by academic or research activities. (e.g., chilled water for cooling specialized equipment).

4.2 Replacement keys/re-keying of room on department’s request.

4.3 Replace name plates and activity specific signage (except ADA).

4.4 Repairs to movable department-owned equipment (e.g., ultra-low freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, lab equipment, etc.).

4.5 Carpet replacement (non-public spaces).

4.6 Repair of furniture.

4.7 Repair, removal or relocation of movable modular office furniture and work stations.

4.8 Repair and maintenance of uninterruptible power systems.

4.9 Repair and maintenance of security systems, and specialized locks or door equipment.

4.10 Installation of power or other utilities for department owned/or leased equipment.

4.11 Painting for reasons other than normal wear and tear.

4.12 Discretionary space modifications.

4.13 Janitorial services for special events.

4.14 Specially requested landscape or planter installations.